Dana Hughes
Dana Hughes

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University where I work with Dr. Katia Sycara.

I received my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Colorado–Boulder, and was advised by Nikolaus Correll. My research involved designing materials with deeply embedded sensing, computing and communication elements, and adapting machine learning approaches to perform significant in-material processing and define material behavior. Following my graduation, I worked at Robotic Materials, where I designed and implemented a system for adaptively improving grasp performance based on collected point cloud data.

I received an MS from the Computer Science Department at the College of Charleston. I worked with Bill Manaris at the Acoustics and Music Lab, where I developed a real-time music transcription algorithm for Armonique, and worked on Monterey Mirror, an interactive music performance system.

While in Charleston, I spent a few years working at JMO Woodworks, where I built and installed custom doors, windows, staircases, and cabinetry.

I received an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri–Rolla (now Missouri Univeristy of Science and Technology). I was advised by Reza Zoughi and was a research assistant at the Applied Microwave Nondestructive Testing Laboratory. My research activities included developing the embedded modulated scattering technique, a novel nondestructive evaluation method, and researching applications for near-field microwave non-destructive testing.

I received my BS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Colorado State University.